Memphis Warehouse

Where can you find a local Memphis company that can warehouse your freight in a highly secure, monitored warehouse?

We can answer that question for you here at Easley's Memphis warehouse. Our facilities are monitored by a web enhanced camera system that you can see for yourself from the comfort of your own office. We have two round the clock security companies that monitor our Memphis warehouse as well as employees who are on call at all hours of the night and weekend.

What are the advantages of Easley's warehouse:

  • Centrally located in Memphis, TN
  • Quick and easy access from interstates, rail, and airport
  • Secured, fenced, well lit, 24/7 monitoring
  • 2 security companies, 24/7 on call emplyees / owner

On top of all that, we have a 7,000 volt fence surrounding our warehouse just to ensure that your freight is safe. We want you to know that Easley cares about your freight. Call us now or click here for a quote and see how Easley can help you with their Memphis warehouse.