International, temperature-controlled shipments enter and exit the United States every day through various climates. Considering these factors, it is challenging to manage a constant, controlled temperature from one location to another. Here at Easley Transportation, we understand these challenges, and consult with customers to help them manage their temperature-controlled supply-chain or cold-chain needs!

How We are Meeting Industry Needs

The demand for temperature-controlled transportation and warehousing is on the rise, primarily due to increasing regulations and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products that are in high demand. Easley Transportation understands the critical needs that are commonly associated with various types of freight and products; that is why one of the services we offer is our bonded, temperature-validated and controlled warehouse. We have approximately 37,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse space that is divided into six, separate, customizable coolers, along with a fully-conditioned receiving dock.


Safe, Secure, and Controlled Storage

The primary focus of Easley Transportation is our customers; therefore, we strongly desire to give you the peace of mind that your freight is safe with us. Regarding the safety of your freight and products, Easley Transportation offers experienced solution providers and a twenty-four hour, high-definition camera system. The refrigerated warehouse space is monitored by sixteen, separate temperature and humidity sensors that have been calibrated by Memphis Mechanical. Our warehouse is immune to drafts and external, climate interference. Once per quarter, Memphis Mechanical evaluates all sixteen temperature sensors to ensure optimum performance. Also, at any time, if there is the slightest, abnormal deviation of temperature within one of our refrigerated coolers, alarms will immediately begin sounding. We have developed multiple contingency plans to guard against any potential deviation or emergency. 


Very few companies are genuinely qualified to handle what we do. Since international, cross-climate cold-chains are in high demand, as well as the urgency of pharmaceuticals, proper storage conditions, and laws pertaining to the industry being restrictive, we do not take your refrigerated freight concerns lightly. No matter how complex your situation is, Easley Transportation has a solution, and we are ready to supply your transportation and logistics needs! 

When supervision is a concern, you can trust Easley!

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