Easley Fun Facts

eEasley Transportation has been around since 1985, but you didn't see their trucks until 1996.  Easley Transportation started out as an owner operator for Atlanta based TSC Express.  When they were bought out in the late 80's ,  Easley was left without a customer.  Shortly after that, Red Arrow of Nashville came to town and needed an owner operator, so Easley took his trucks to them and enjoyed a great relationship until they closed in 1994.   Immediately upon Red Arrow's closing,  Red Arrow of St Louis came to town and hired Easley as their owner operator, but Red Arrow of St Louis was bought out by Corporate Express.  After several mergers and changes, Corporate Express ceased operations in 1996. 

Mike Easley and his company had grown tired of this turmoil and decided to go out on their own because Easley Transportation was already doing all of the local cartage and most of the customer service for these companies but with other companies' names on our trucks.  Mike contacted his customers and told them the plan.  Service would continue, but the name on the trucks would be Easley Transportation.  Phones would be answered Easley Transportation and the customers would be invoiced by and making their checks out to Easley Transportation.  Our success or failure would now be up to us.